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Beautiful Lightning 


Chaotic, dangerous, scary

Strong, wonderous but never merry.

A sight to behold

Beauty in it’s entirety 

But you must beware

Because it can be unpredictable too

Thunderstorms, Lightning and Rain

A flash of light lit up the night sky
This will not just go by
Drops of rain on the rooftop
Drumming drum, drum and popping pop, pop

Rumble, shake and cold breeze
I have a sudden urge to sneeze
I listen and watch the outside orchestra
As I sip my hot cup of cocoa

Maria Michaela

Struck By Lightning

Out of nowhere it came, surprised I was for I didn’t see it coming

Not a sound it made ; not a buzz, not a humming

It took a while before I could make sense of what happened

For a moment I lost consciousness as my knees quivered and weakened

The Earth shook and I saw the spark of light

The tree turned to dust and everything remained still that night

I felt numb as a surge of electricity flowed through me

I was a bit scared since for a brief second I could not see

Shock, then paralysis swallowed me whole

I felt my body separate from my soul


It can be quite frightening

to be struck by lightning

At least that’s how I feel

Now that you’ve made me fall for you

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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