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She Can Be Too Much

When you say she’s beautiful, she doesn’t see it that way

She knows what lies beneath from the words that you say.

She senses the lie even before you say it

That’s why she never stays and often splits.

You may think she’s too much, in fact she might really be

But you’ll never be able to fathom her and that’s what you fail to see.

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This Heart I Gave

this heart has given itself to you

it will never beg for you not to hurt it

because it knows hurting is part of it all

it asks for nothing else, only your love in return

if by chance, this you cannot give

please do not lie or make it hope that you will

gently say to it to turn away and that you cannot give what it desires to hold

do not pretend or prolong its agony, just let it know

the truth may hurt but better still,

than a lie well woven only to cause severe pain

this heart chose to beat for you,

don’t be so quick or too slow to break it

just let it understand so if there will be hurting,

it would not hurt as much


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Guilt and Lie

I told a lie

Someone had to pay

The price was life

Someone must die


I made a mess

Pretended I did not know

Blamed someone else

Left it all to second guess


I can not take this anymore

Something’s killing me inside

It may seem that I have won

In truth I have lost it all

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Confessions of a Big Fat Liar

It’s so weird to admit the things you normally deny

To in fact tell the whole world about it is a far cry

What would they gain by knowing what has been done?

It really just spoils all the fun

I’ve told them “stories”, there’s not much to know

I tell them what they want to hear and they just go with the flow

No questions asked, they really don’t care

As long as in the surface, it looks all fair

I’ve said too much already, I have to shut my mouth

Wherever this is heading, it’s sure to head down South

Don’t believe everything you see, don’t believe everything you hear

Keep close to your wits for I can be worse than your fears