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Allow Me

Allow me to be me

Do not wish for me to be someone else

Do not hate me for being unchanging

For wanting just to be me

I change when I am ready

But do not force me

Do not reprimand me

Do not cast me out

Allow me to be just the same girl you knew

You loved

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Let Go

It’s something that I never wanted

What will be left are the memories you’ve planted

It hurt, as I was always in the dark, always in the side lines

Watching, hoping in the end that it’ll be fine

It never did


You were never mine to begin with ; never will be

I was in a fantasy hoping for my prince to rescue me

But I was just another face in the crowd, a nameless face

I’ll disappear without you noticing – not a trace

I thought we’d end up together

But I know we never will


I’m putting my hands up, throwing in the towel

I understand now, why U and I are not next to each other in the vowel

Now, I’m going to let go…..

….let go of you

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Let Them Alone

If God has been good enough to give you a poet
Then listen to him. But for God’s sake let him alone until he is dead;
no prizes, no ceremony,
They kill the man. A poet is one who listens
To nature and his own heart; and if the noise of the world grows up
around him, and if he is tough enough,
He can shake off his enemies, but not his friends.
That is what withered Wordsworth and muffled Tennyson, and would have
killed Keats; that is what makes
Hemingway play the fool and Faulkner forget his art.

-Robinson Jeffers-