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you said goodbye one day

i choked up with something to say

i thought that we were okay

turns out, you’ve gone astray

©Maria Michaela


And the moon said, “I’m tired. I’m done”

And left the sky without a word

Goodbye Roses

They bloomed bright and well

But they can’t last, I could tell

They were beautiful, and are still

They brought me joy once before, my happy pill

But now I see they’ve wilted

I look at them with my head tilted

Since you’ve left, the sun did too

And I say goodbye to the roses that came from you

I was blank

I was blank and he filled the emptiness
I was clueless them he shed some light
I was silent, at the distance, but he took notice

For some reason
And then I realized
It would have been better if he left me blank
Then I would not have filled my thoughts of him
Now, it’s hard to let go

It was a sunny day

When you went away
The airport gates stood between us
You were leaving us

I cried because a piece of my heart is now missing
I will miss the talking,
The singing,
The hugging,
I will miss you

Someday, we will be together again
Someday, couldn’t come too soon

He was all she wanted
But she wanted more
She could not see what was in front of her
As blind as a bat she was
And when he left
She realized she has an empty pocket
But it was too late

Maria Michaela

Gone, Gone Girl

When I packed up and left, an explosion of surprises happened fast
I was engulfed and swallowed in
I lost sight of what was real
And then, silence
Gone forever

Maria Michaela

Already Gone

Where did the time go?
It slipped away so easily
Too long and then too soon
Here now and then never again
Goodbye has always been bitter-sweet
But now, I’m already gone

Leaving Where?

I want to go somewhere
I don’t know where
I want to leave
But off to where?
Where do I go after here

Maria Michaela

If I had known I was a mere passerby

I should not have over-stayed

I believed we could be great friends

And we did for a while

A taste of our little infinity

Just like in the book


At least I got a chance

A very little peek

The one that broke my heart

And how I fell apart

The memory will always be there

As I slowly move on

I’ll wait for my time to come

And I will give to him

Whatever is left of me

Because I can never be whole again

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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