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Those Lazy Days

I wake to the sound of the alarm

So many days I wish not to have it on

But I look forward to those lazy days

Which I think not many of us has



I wish to dance and be free

To let every inch of me down

Hair messy and no care

Me being lazy, 

I’ve done my share

To be just free


I wake up to the sound

A sound familiar

Both friend and foe

It’s that time again

To wake up and face the day

Don’t Feel

I don’t feel like writing 

I don’t feel poetic

I don’t feel like rhyming

I’m done trying

I’m just numb today


I woke up late

Which I like and never hate

No alarms and not in a hurry

Taking things slow, I don’t have to scurry

My lazy day

Doing it the lazy way

I wish I could wake late everyday

If only it was always Sunday


Yes, I get tired too

I am only human

And yes, I complain a lot too

I can think of giving up and not going on

But then again

I have nowhere to go

So instead of giving up, I give it another go

Goodbye Today

Oh today came

Today was here 

It stopped a while and then it went 

Today showed sunshine 

It showed rain

It showed calmness and laziness
Today was here

And then it went 

But promised to come back again tomorrow 


Feels good to do nothing, sometimes 

Feels good to just sit and sip coffee 

Watch the day go by

Hear the sounds of nature

Sometimes it just feels better

To be lazy

Bed, Bed Weather

I don’t want to get up
Not even to sit up
I want to lay in bed all day, if I have to
These rainy days wash away my blues
But I just want to stay in bed
Even if it’s just for today

Feel Good

Cold morning

Stay in bed

Lazy day just doing nothing

Sleep all day be a couch potato

Today I’ll take it easy

The break I so deserve

A do not disturb sign

As I cuddle myself in bed

Oh! It feels so good

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