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You can’t find the words to describe me.

I am known and unknown to you.

I am a familiar face and a stranger at the same time.

You think you know me but you are doubtful.

You look for the slightest touch of familiarity but it’s not there.

You stare and wonder and ask yourself

“Who is she?”

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He stared and so did I

Familiar in many ways yet unfamiliar in between

Somewhere we might have crossed paths

In a place familiar and the same

But my mind can’t find where.

We stared at each other

Transfixed for a moment

Everything that seemed familiar never came

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I am not as great as they

All I can really say

I will be erased from history’s timeline 

And no one will ever know what was mine

I am just a speck of dust carried by the wind

And I will  be erased without a trace

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While others look for fame and longs to be known

I prefer to stay in the background

not minding to be outshone

I attain glory with diligence and patience

and celebrate in glorious silence

As everybody else wants to be the star

they’re ready to do anything, I mean anything

no matter how bizarre

 I on the other hand, work the backstage

finding it a little strange

that not many likes to manage and pull the curtain

I thought that it would be fun,

I was quite certain

They write their names on every page

on every wall they can find

 But I leave my canvas blank, I really don’t mind

Because I find it marvelous

to see the work signed as anonymous