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I Am My Hero

No waiting for a hero

No waiting for a knight

I can slay the monsters

I can save myself

I am super

I am woman

That Knight

a silver shade in  pale moon light

across the swamp of misty haze,

comes a figure of a knight

his horse running in a blaze.

despite the starry, starry night

despite the moon beam that gazed,

the knight’s face is hidden from sight

just like  the moon in its new phase.


mysteriously he passes by

never stopping at all

people often wonder why,

he never hears their call.

even when the maiden fair

called out for his help

he did not stop, didn’t seem to care

not even when she yelped


so on he goes through the fog of darkness

reaching out to no one

covered in thick mud of harshness

his knightly days are done

it would seem that every bit of kindness

he had left, is now gone


one can’t help but feel pity

this knight that used to shine.

now he wanders from city to city

pretending to be fine

unbolt me

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Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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