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I scraped my knee again.

Mom is going to be angry.

She’s going to count to ten

So I’ll enter the house, ending my play abruptly.


My knee already hurts but she’ll still scold me.

I’ll get banished to my room like Rapunzel trapped in the tower.

She’ll ground me indefinitely

Though I don’t know what that means.

All I know is that it would be more than an hour.


So instead of telling mom that I scraped my knee

I’ll keep this a secret and just wash the wound completely.

Mom doesn’t need to know so I can continue playing.

That sounds like a good plan, that’s all I’m saying.

©Maria Michaela

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One Knee

Girl, you captured my heart and I get lost in your presence

I feel goosebumps and hold my breath everytime you speak

You’ve always made me feel good

Pick me up when I’m down and understood my shortcomings

You’re the half that makes me whole

I can’t imagine living life without you

Now that I’ve experienced what it’s like to be around you

And so tonight, I set things straight

As I have one knee down, I ask the question that will

change our lives forever…