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I remember December and the mistletoe

I remember the cold weather and I remember you.
I remember the ballad and the poetry
I remember your story.
I remember the things that you told me and I wonder now
If any of them were ever true, some way, somehow.

I remember wanting to kiss you under the mistletoe
But then I remembered, mistletoes are poison
Just like you.

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Hagkan (To Kiss)

Ganahan ko nga ikaw hagkan
(I want to kiss you)
Dili na paugmaan
(Won’t wait for tomorrow)
Kaso adunay apan
(However there is a but)
Ang imong kasingkasing, dili ko madakpan
(I can never capture your heart)

Bisan unsaon nako ug singgit
(No matter how hard I shout)
Bisag mo abot pa kini sa langit
(Even if it reaches the heavens)
Dili gihapon nimo madungog ako’ng sangpit
(You’ll never hear my plea)
Ug dili nimo makita ang akong mga kasakit
(And you’ll never see my sufferings)

Hinaot ikaw mo sugot
(I’m hoping you’ll agree)
Nga akong hagkan ug gakson pinahugot
(That I will kiss and hug you tight)
Para dili na maghuot
(So that it won’t feel too bad)
Ang kasingkasing nga nanghinaot
(This heart of mine that’s still hoping)

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Kissed By The Sun

Oh it’s summer once again

The excitement awaits

Not everyone goes to the beach

Like me, I choose to climb

Rule the mountain!

Trek the adventure

Choose the path less traveled


Under the heat of the majestic sun

Be kissed by its beauty

Marvel at the world

Reach for it with your fingertips

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Took a while for me to see

How much you really meant to me

I could not tell you straight away

That I was loving you more each day

You captivated my soul

And yet you didn’t hear my call

Deaf is, as lovers are blind

As words unwritten can be so unkind

You were here, but I never came to mind

I thought you’d never leave me behind

Fool was I to notice not

I should have taken my shot

It was a chance that I had missed

And now to goodbye you’ve kissed

You tried to tell me but I wouldn’t listen

Here I am now, it’s you I’m missing

You loved me then but not anymore

I love you now, when it should have been before

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The Wonder of the World

There’s something about the water, there’s something about the sea

There’s something about nature that brings me glee

 There’s something about the warm breeze, there’s something about the sunlight

There’s something about the fresh air that makes everything right

There’s something about the birds singing

and how the trees are swaying

 Or how the rain drops to kiss the Earth

and the sound of life at birth

There’s something about the clouds, there’s something about the twinkling stars

There’s something about the crickets, and the music of a guitar

Every little bit is a wonder, and everyday I am amazed

The beauty of the world often goes unnoticed when it should be praised

So here’s to our world, the most wonderful one we could live in