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Just My Imagination

It’s just me, I know

Creating scenarios in my head

Making up stories as if you ever notice me

I’m assuming, and I know that

But a girl can always dream.

I just thought I noticed something different

Some glances here and there

Or simply passing by where I can see you

Or maybe so you can see me?

But as the song goes, it’s just my imagination

Still, I gladly welcome my day dreams of you no matter how silly it is.

©Maria Michaela

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Just Trust

Why do you fear the unknown?

Why must you try to know everything?

Why couldn’t you just let it be?

Learn to trust

To earn the trust


Now is your chance

Your opportunity

To build it, care for it

Let it grow


Not seeing does not mean the end

It means a way to show that you truly trust

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Just Like Jules

I watch the movie over again

Replay it in my mind

Wonder if it may be true for me

If ever “the one” I can find


She’s graceful and elegant in her own ways

Can be feminine, can be tomboyish

And that’s all fine

She’s a wonder


She’s a friend who wished she took the time

For the one she truly loved was in front of her

Alas! He found someone else

Now she suddenly feels alone


Her love life may not have been how it should end

But it was beautifully, wonderfully written

I can only hope mine would be as such

As I’d like to think I’m just like Jules


(Inspired by Julia Roberts’ character in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Julianne or Jules)

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Just Counting

One, two, three, four

I get up and shut the door

Five, six, seven, eight

today I’m not thinking straight

Nine, ten, eleven, twelve

I think I need to clean the shelves

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen

should not have too much caffeine

Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and twenty

I should stop now before I get to seventy