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Is it so wrong to want to remain single or a virgin for the rest of my life?

Questioning faces with raised eyebrows

Judging me

Condemning me.


Virginity is scarce

Promiscuity is rampant

And they act as if I’ve committed a heinous crime

An unforgivable sin.


They mock me

They want to put me to shame

Cast stones at me

All for what?

For standing my ground and not confirming to what they want.


But I will not back down

My resolve is strong

Let me be the odd one!

Let me be the rebel!

Let me be the outcast!

I will not conform to them.

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Judge Me Not

like an open book you tore me open

bold enough to put highlights on my words

as if you comprehend what they mean

you read on without understanding

brain, empty as a drum


you see the cover page and instantly think

otherwise of knowing further

as if I have scales that hurt, you throw me aside

to be left in the dark corner

’til dust settles and covers me whole


my pages you rummaged, not careful of hurting me

you measure my capacity

by the thickness of the pages I hold


what do I hold?

what do I speak of?

have you even grasped the knowledge I shared?

the secrets I held?