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Why The Star

I once loved the sun

But he only wanted to have fun

He didn’t care about my heart

And so I decided we should be apart


I once loved the moon

But he felt we were getting serious too soon

So he said a hurried goodbye

And I was left to cry


Then I knew the sky

And we both wanted to try

But the fit wasn’t all too well

So we both decided to say farewell


Then came the star

Who was patient in healing my scars

We both took our time

And slowly we started the climb


And so it was

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The Journey

How far will I go?

How far? I will never know.
To the ends of the earth or farther

Until the end of time or longer.

In search for whatever

In search for the better.

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Long Way

I started a journey, I took a step

I leapt without knowing

I made my way through and struggled hard

I’m not there yet but the end is in sight

I’ve come a long way and made it thus far

As I look back at that first step, could not imagine it’s been this long

And thay first step? I’m glad I did it

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I started walking one day
Not knowing where to go or where to stay
Off I went to a place unfamiliar
Saw faces and things peculiar

I kept walking until night fall
Passed by a great hall
Strangers looked on
But before they could ask, I had gone

Am I lost without me knowing?
As years on my face are showing?
I thought I knew what I’d be by now
But still I’m at a standstill somehow

I guess I’ll continue walking some more
Until I find whatever it is I am looking for

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The Land Far Away

engulfed by the darkness creeping beneath the sun

all the pastures grand

became nothing but tombstones

I rest my head ‘neath the scorching land

of far, far away


beyond the yellow stepping-stones

the color of the pale moon shines

it lights the path of the broken street

I walk without noise under the sky

of far, far away


the snowy ice melts through my skin

cutting deep the veins of old

no warmth or fire in this forsaken place

I shiver through the night

of far, far away


the river of mud does not help at all

strangers beware for the siren calls its water home

many souls lost in time with the tide

as I make my way out

of far, far away