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It Must Be

It must be exhausting being you

Always on the spotlight

Never able to hide from the world.


It must be awful being you

Not able to decide for yourself, not really

Always being told what to do

Because that is the price you pay in exchange for the fame they give you.


It must be cruel in the world you’re living

Because no smile or kindness shows on you

It must be hard to pretend it’s all perfect

When deep down you’re struggling to breathe and break free.

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Living It All Up

The adventure of a lifetime awaits

Stop holding on to fear

And start really living


Live not just for the joy

Live for the entirety of it

The moment is seized and kept locked

In memory


Watch the world move

Move to its beat

Oh the joy!

Of truly living

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I Take The Blame (Blame It All On Me)

I take the blame

I take the fall

It was I who fell

It was I who gave her heart out

I who fell fast and fell deep

I who is now loving you beyond the farthest galaxy

Let me take the blame

For it truly is my fault

You did nothing wrong

You merely gave me friendship

Yet I thought you could give more

So blame it all on me

Yes! I’m taking the blame

Of falling hard, deep and truly in love with you

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Take It Easy

When life gets so stressful, dull and too fast

Take it easy, take time to rest

Breathe slowly, look up to the sky and be amaze of the wonders of the world


When everything is busy, hectic

and you feel like going crazy

Take it easy, have a chocolate and look at the children playing

Every moment is supposed to be enjoyed, not fretted


When you feel like crying or on a verge of breakdown,

Go outside, watch the bees, butterflies and the flowers

Watch the clouds form to various shapes

and take it easy for you can’t do everything


Inhale, exhale —— don’t forget to breathe

Life is a dream so take it easy,

you deserve it

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As It Would Seem

see me without looking,

hear me without listening,

love me without feeling,

speak without talking….

then let me know what you find

for I have often wondered

what it must be like to be hollow.


touch me without sensing,

hold me without feeling,

lie to me as if it’s the truth,

then let me know what it’s like

for I have often wondered

what it must be like to be hollow.

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That Explains It

I went to the doctor. He x-rayed my head.
He stared for a moment and here’s what he said.
“It looks like you’ve got a banana in there,
an apple, an orange, a peach, and a pear.
I also see something that looks like a shoe,
a plate of spaghetti, some fake doggy doo,
an airplane, an arrow, a barrel, a chair,
a salmon, a camera, some old underwear,
a penny, a pickle, a pencil, a pen,
a hairy canary, a hammer, a hen,
a whistle, a thistle, a missile, a duck,
an icicle, bicycle, tricycle, truck.
With all of the junk that you have in your head
it’s kind of amazing you got out of bed.
The good news, at least, is you shouldn’t feel pain.
From what I can see here you don’t have a brain.”

– Kenn Nesbitt

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Coffee as it is…

coffee as it is, is like immortality

vagueness of the bitterness and after taste

that caught thy tongue

in a loop of addiction

ever so often you want to stop

but find yourself starting again


it’s aroma and darkness of texture

invites your senses to a playful symphony

a kaleidoscopic attraction

that tingles and makes your mouth water

scorches the heart into a halt

yet you come back for more