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He’s Into Him

I wished on a falling star
To keep my distance and his not too far
I wished he’d notice me
Despite the many fish in the sea
I wished he’d know
What I feel is true
But all of this is just a wish
Because I am just a friend of his
And if he were to do something at a whim
He wouldn’t choose me over him


into the deep I saw the light

the one that shines brighter than moonshine

towards the tunnel was a road

enveloped with misery and uncertainty

yet into the darkness I saw hope

where all else around me was none

towards salvation or whatever it held

I went and held my breath


into the unknown I venture

not knowing what lies beneath or ahead

I crossed the bridge of sorrow

and into the abyss I melted

still I came out unscathed

I held it all in, ’til my last breath I’ve breathed

and I see past it all

the thing that others don’t

Put Into Words

I tried to come up with the best words possible

I thought hard, but the words that came were terrible

I tried to muster and add up everything

I only ended up with my head aching

I looked up, stared at the ceiling

My mind is not like what it used to be, truly, I’m ageing

How can I express what I want to say?

When my mind is like a train that’s ran away?

Words racing through but not making sense

I have to arrange this, work out at least a sentence

Everything it seems is jumbled

I have papers littered around, all crumpled

My head is shutting down, I should get some coffee

Maybe include a bit of cookie

I’ll try to work this out after a quick break

By then I’d be wide awake

I should be able to get my head straight

And then back to writing, I’ll concentrate

I should be able to put my thoughts to words

Or else again, I’ll be looking upwards


I had never known love until I met him
the feelings I had before were just infatuation
He changed the way I saw the world
he taught me to see beyond the appearance
I never took much notice
he was just another guy
…or so I thought
He didn’t give me butterflies
I didn’t know how, it’s just somehow
I fell into the rabbit hole
He was the first one who made me feel
the way I felt
He wasn’t my ideal man
he was the complete opposite
Yet somehow it didn’t matter
for he had taken it…taken my heart
For all this he doesn’t notice
for I am just another
another familiar face…just another girl
I told myself to let it go
just forget it
But can you blame me for coming back
he manages to pull the string
and like a fish I take the bait
I finally decided to walk out from it all
I just couldn’t take it
it was too painful
To see him with his girl
to see them both so in love
My heart breaks…I try to ignore
try to put him out of my mind
but then he starts to sing his song
his voice captivates me
And I find myself falling…….yet again
into the rabbit hole
Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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