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A Phase

He was just a phase.

Much like the moon with its different phases

He came and stayed on my sky for a bit

Enough to inspire

Enough for me to want and fall in love with.

And like the moon

He disappeared one day

And slowly too did my desire for him.

He was just a phase

A lesson I had to learn the hard way

But a lesson learned, nonetheless.

©Maria Michaela

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Why do you hesitate

In love?

In life?

Work on what you are passionate about

Travel the galaxy

Sip a cup of coffee at the Milky Way

Make it yours!

Take the opportunity

Work hard

Stumble, fall, it happens

But get back up and try

Your misery is caused by your own

Think if you must

But once you’ve decided

Do not hesitate

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Stars And You

I love the stars and you
Never a dull moment, chasing away my blues

In your way you try to keep me sane
Although sometimes I let you feel it’s all in vain
Sometimes there’s just some pain
That only the stars can take away and claim

Do not worry love, for I feel your care
Just like when I watch the stars, when I stare
And when I look in those eyes of yours
I see the stars in those

I hope you know I value you
Like the stars up there

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You can break my heart at anytime
I won’t mind at all
My love for you is sublime
I won’t mind if you won’t catch my fall
Your songs speak to me
Breathe in me
Move me
Inspire me
Oh! I’ve fallen in love with your songs….and you
Sing me to sleep once more
Strum your guitar like before
Let my love for you go beyond 70

Maria Michaela