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He made me write poems when I was brokenhearted

He made me rhyme when I was excited

I thought that I was a no one who found someone

Turns out he was my lesson, that love is not for everyone.

I learned and moved on, finally able to let go of the hurt

My reply to the heartbreak was at first curt

But when the dust settled

I matured and won the battle.

He made me write poems…


Why do you hesitate

In love?

In life?

Work on what you are passionate about

Travel the galaxy

Sip a cup of coffee at the Milky Way

Make it yours!

Take the opportunity

Work hard

Stumble, fall, it happens

But get back up and try

Your misery is caused by your own

Think if you must

But once you’ve decided

Do not hesitate

End Of…

He smiled,

And I saw poetry

It became the end of me

Look Up

Look up, look up
And see the beauty
Life throws a lot of curve balls
But remember,
You have been given more or even better than what you’ve ever asked and hoped for

Maria Michaela

Head Clouds

Keep your head up in the clouds
Let your dreams roam
Say it now, say it loud
Dreams are what you call home

Fly through the forest
Dive down the sea
Your dream can reach the star farthest
Let it run free

Keep your head up in the clouds
Don’t let it come down soon
Make it real and be proud
Create colors as bright as the sun at noon

Keep on dreaming and act now
You’ll be amazed at what you can do
Go on, dream on
Do what you want to
Because the sky is never the limit

Find Inspiration

We all get to that point
Where you get tired
And forget what you really want

I am at the point of breaking
At the crossroads once more
I don’t know where to go

So much is at stake
Including my sanity
I need to find what I used to have
Before I lose it

The Long Way Back

I took the long way back
Just because
The long way had a wonderful view
A sight to die for
I can’t express the beauty that I saw
Nor will I ever be able to describe it
All I know is that I enjoyed the journey
Even with some pitfalls

The road was not easy
It was next to impossible for some
Still I knew it was worth it
So I pushed on

I scraped a knee
I lost my footing
But onwards I went
The path was difficult
But it was all worth it
To see the beauty that was beyond compare
Taking the long way back was a good decision

Everyone Is Alone

Darkness falls
I am alone
I do not cry
I say no word
I am alone
The light is far away
I am left here to stay
They all move on
But I am alone
People all around
But it still feels empty
And I know, I am alone


I search for a reason
I look for a rhyme
Through sunrise and moonrise
An inspiration
I climb mountains
Sail the seas
To find that one thing
An inspiration

Can It Cancer

Can it be true?

Could this be happening?

How, why and what comes rushing to mind

To face it head on can’t be done alone

Yet courage, happiness, living in the moment is what I do

Enjoying the sunshine

Hand in hand with loved ones

To fight one of the greatest battles

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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