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Let Me Sleep

Oh sleep! Oh sleep! Where are you?

Although this is nothing new

It always makes me feel blue.

I close my eyes but my mind is awake

Come and visit me, for goodness sake!

Come and hum your lullaby

Don’t just pass me by.

Let me in to dream land

And experience a sleep so grand.

Hear my plea, and come to me

Let me sleep and rest, finally.

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Elusive Sleep

Time slowly ticks
As my eyes never closes
My mind wanders everywhere except dream land

Snores from somewhere, the sound of someone fast asleep
Yet I, lay awake still

Sleep eludes me
And I can’t help but long for it more

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The Clock

Oh midnight by day!
No other words I can say
Here I am once more
Trying to settle the score
I am tired and sore
But still I try just like before

It is never easy when darkness falls
When the bed over yonder calls
My eyes I shut
But I know with my gut
My brain will not allow it
For it always, always forbids it

I lie down staring at nowhere
Wondering why sleep never found me here

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Sleep Evades You

You hope it would come

You hope it would stay

And then you end up wide awake at the wrong time

You force yourself to sleep

You close your eyes

Pretend to dream

But nothing

Not a single thing

You try some more

Only to give up

And you know when work demands it

It will come and haunt you

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To Tired To Fall

I closed my eyes

yet I’m still wide, wider awake

I try my hardest to sleep,

for my own sake.

Blankets and pillows

a many are they

So I let them attack me

as if they were the prey.

Steady as she goes

these heavy eyes

Yet it seems they heed not

my brain’s cries.

I float in and then fly out

I still can’t sleep,

without a doubt

I still can’t understand why sleep evades me

When the truth is

I’m too tired to fall asleep.

* Inspired by Owl City

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The Coffee’s Woes

“How can a coffee sleep?”,

was the question of the coffee bean.


“I’m up all day and all night, no rest it seems.

Jittery at times and always alert, I’d like to feel the calmness,

the bliss of sleep.”


“I envy the cup for which that holds the liquid me

for it is able to rest easy at the end of each day; while I….

I continue on ’til the dead of night. Come day time,

I do it all again, yet again.”


“When will the gods of sleep pity me?

When will they hear my plea?

When will they mourn for the death of me?

For death is what I feel each time I’m wide awake.”


“One night of sleep, that is all I ask and

I will continue with my duties with not another sound.

Hear me now, oh Sandman! I long to see

the beautiful dreamland.”

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the pillow is hard, the bed is full of air

my eyes will never close.


I keep them open ’til they’re numb

but my old friend still won’t come

for the Sandman seems to have forgotten me

yet again.


I try everything

toss, tumble —- tumble and toss

the sheets are everywhere

and still I am awake


I envy the dreamer with his peaceful sleep

off to dreamland…miles away


I lie here in this world of insomniacs

haunted by the dreams that never come.

The sun is slowly creeping up

while sleep still eludes me

I may forever be a prisoner of this sleepless land

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Insomnia Me Please

Coffee days and cola nights; caffeine is so addictive

Tired, weary, sleepy eyes; unable to fall asleep

Sweet dreams, lovely ones end abruptly

Close your eyes go to dreamland; alas! it’s not meant to be

Mind wonders at blinding speed

Never ending ideas race through

Go to sleep, go to dreamland; rest easy, rest now

Pop corn nights or pop up books; anything goes

But still sleep is deprived

The Sandman visits yet nothing works

 Heavy eyes, tired eyes…..

Unable to find sleep