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A smile so natural, you don’t know what it does to me.

Hoping someday you’ll see

That you and I could become “we”

Or “us”

That would be a plus!

There’s nothing else to discuss.

I hope to me, you’d be interested

Because with myself, I am infuriated

As I can’t keep straight the things I’ve stated

I am much too infatuated

with you.

©Maria Michaela

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Never Learn

I couldn’t love you for it would be a lie

I couldn’t let you wait on me or let you say you’d rather die

Than be alone and without me.

For what you felt for me was never love, not at all

It was infatuation and wanting, no, not love at all.

To hold your breath if I told you to

That would have been too much power I’d hold over you.

You were wrong for me for I never wanted or liked you

And I truly am sorry for I could never learn to love you.

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You Pretty Little Thing

Hey you pretty little thing

Silly little thing you are

Cuteness bundled up

And you don’t even notice


My heart raises whenever you’re around

It rises in a good way


Oh sweet little thing

What a pleasure it is to be near you

Your presence gives joy to the once aching heart


Oh sweetness I adore thee

And I am contented to be

As close as we are now

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Crazy day as expected always

Yet looking forward to seeing that familiar face


A friendship that we’re both trying to forge

Somehow I sense not a spark, not an attraction

But a tense emotion…something is going to give

Sooner or later, one way or another.


And always, always in the moment that I’d feel like falling apart

You act and show the lighter side of you

A simple gesture, like giving me a lollipop

Is all it takes to take my breath away

And get me through the day

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Taken By You

Take your time I’ve got all day

Hoping you’ll check me out as well

I’m on the other side watching from afar

This heart beats and would want to beat for you alone

Let it be, if it must be

No matter how much I fight this

I already have been taken by you

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Hold My Hand

You look at me and I melt
Yet never knowing what I felt
I know this infatuation won’t last long
Just like any new song
Still I long to be close
Though you are the one who hurt me the most.
I want to fall but I’m already broken
To your heart I have spoken
Yet you do not hear me

Hold my hand, just once
So you may feel this feeling
I have saved just for you