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I seek the love I hope to be true

Or rather, I sought it before.

I used to think I was empty or just a half

I used to think I needed more.


Someone wanted to give me the world

But I only wanted him to be real and true

Extravagance was not what I wanted or needed

And so his heart I made blue.


I do not regret being alone, going solo

I’ve long accepted my complexities

I know it’s hard to love me

And they can only hold so much capacities.

Impossible (Too Far)

It’s impossible to fall

It’s impossible still not to

It’s impossible for him and I

We’re farther than the moon and the sky.

It’s impossible that we will be

It’s just impossible, don’t you see?

For our worlds are far apart

And only I know that I am the other half of his heart.

Just The Impossible

She keeps on hoping

For the snow to fall during summer

He keeps hoping

May tomorrow never be over

Let the impossible come

Don’t run and hide for cover

Stand your ground

winter midnight moons of storms

some thoughts fall into a drizzle, a trickle or a drop

what happens if they stop?

or cease, better yet to end?

the weeping willow cries for a reason


rubies, diamonds, sharp as stone

pierce the quite night like a knife

the yellow moon bleeds as the clouds

burst into tears

image of imagination going wild


the dragon breathes flowers instead of fire

what is written could be set in stone

these are just things that come to mind

when a hundred impossible things could happen in a day


Clean your closet of all the negativity

Let your creativity and passion flow

Drop the bomb on all the impossibilities

And let your imagination grow

Choose to be happy and learn from your mistakes

Struggles and hurdles can only make you stronger

I know there is a lot at stake

But it will get better, just hold on a little longer

Let all good things burst out from you

The world needs to see your beauty

Give it all you’ve got, to yourself stay true

Let your kindness, strength and talent overflow

Life is full of surprises

that’s why it’s so wonderful

To be given such a gift

isn’t it blissful?

To be able to learn something new everyday

to undertake what seems impossible

Is something to be proud of

don’t be so negative and think it’s dreadful

Your life is a gift

so be grateful

 If you think it’s otherwise

or that it’s awful

then you’re looking it at the wrong direction

our life is not built for perfection

We’re supposed to struggle

so we can learn to be thankful

Your life is wonderful

your purpose is golden

Don’t ever give up

and be thankful often

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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