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I wondered who I am

If I’m defined as to who I’ll be

Or who I really am

Do they see?

See the real me?

Or do they judge me by the peers that I am with

I feel misunderstood often

I even misunderstand myself

I need to find myself

And they need to stop labelling me

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That I Used To Know

I see that face, oh so familiar

Been so long since I’ve seen it

It was in hiding all these years.

Afraid of the light

So I clung to the shadows


Has it really been so long?

I see a face stare back but I do not recognize it

I know it used to be one I know so dearly

Now, it is just a face

of a person that I was once

of the person that I used to know


*The title was taken from Gotye’s song “Somebody That I Used To Know”