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Like Ice

Walking down the street on a cold night with you

My hands were cold and I thought yours must be too.

So I took your hand and held it tightly

But I realised almost immediately.

It was not your hands that were cold

It was your heart that was like ice, which I knew I could never hold.

©Maria Michaela

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Ice Queen

She looks all sweet and kind

And though she may not read minds

She can tell the wrong sort

Even before they start to court.

They wonder why she’s single

Wonder why she wouldn’t mingle

They think of her as a mystery

And ask themselves if she’s in misery.

She’s calm unless provoked

She’s tough as nails when your feelings for her she’ll revoke

She won’t think twice to tell you otherwise

Boy, she will be your demise.

You can wait for as long as you want

Hoping you’ll change her mind, but you know you can’t

When she says “no”, that’s the final word

See, she battles dragons herself and doesn’t need you sword.

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Heart of Stone

Cold as ice on a winter day

I lay still, wide awake

The moon has yet to lift me high

From this forsaken place


He led me on and led me out

Fool was I thinking ’twas real

But everything was just for show


A shallow grave I’ve dug for myself

To fall for the lies

Weak was I to hold on to a hope

When there was really none


So on he goes as if nothing has happened

While I am frozen in time

contemplating the heartache

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Ice Full of Cream

I tried the strawberry full of berries

before going for the rockies of the rocky road

There were cookies in a cream and the pistachio

The coffee crumbled while the mango floated

then I tried the Double Dutch.

Went loco for the choco before diving in

for the banana

Hazel went a little bit nut

and I ate the rainbow

Sprinkled some marshmallow and I’m almost done.

I saved the best for last,

so I slobbered all over vanilla

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Adrift in this cold ocean life

I watch you with intensity

You move were the waves take you

and I, an onlooker can only wonder


You would not let me or anyone know

A tip of the iceberg is all that is shown


Your fears you hide, along with happiness

not trusting anyone

You continue to move along, still hiding

and I, still hoping to know more of you

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Summer’s Winter Rain

The sun is piercing hot in this tropical weather

Summer is creeping around the corner


Cold drinks abound

Chill under the coconut tree

with Halo-Halo in hand


The heat of the sun is melting the ice cream

while the kids lick as fast as they can


Some dreaded the rain when it was abundant

Now, they ask for it to come

Since the land is dry

and people flock to the malls and the beach


There they stay until the sun bleeds snow

or at least until it melts into the horizon