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“Wake Up”, Said The Stars

The fan turned on I woke up suddenly
The silence, if you’d believe it, woke me
Not a sound could be heard or at least I can hear
Is it just me or have I gone deaf? I feared
But then I saw the tranquil sky
So I sat down and wondered why
Why the stars woke me and shook me awake
They new I still had work, for goodness sake!
But then they sparkled and twinkled
And suddenly I remembered
I missed having these rare moments were I’m alone
And just looking at the stars on my own

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To keep silent
To keep mum
Is a gift
So many think is dumb

But they do not see
For they fail to hear
The importance of unspoken words
To protect those they hold dear

Better to be hurt by silence
Better to say nothing
Than be crushed by the harsh words
And be broken