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Fast Forward Fast Lane

I get lost in the fast lane

Caught up in a load of pain

Missed the bus and the train

Everything’s too fast, I’m going insane

Who am I too complain?

But I can’t take it ; it’s far too much for my brain


Everything is way too fast

No time to mingle , no time to relax…it’s not a blast

It’s hard even to look back at the past

People pushing you to look forward as if something’s wrong if you’re last

“Can’t we just slow down a bit?”, that’s what I asked


I want to live my life and enjoy it

I’m going to have fun with every single bit

I won’t care if I’m different and they’ll say I don’t fit

I’m going to get out of here, time to split!

Life in the fast lane is too fast,

time to rest and sit

and just take it nice, slow and easy

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Taking Time

moving slow, turtle paced, I’m in no hurry

just taking time

deep breath, take in the view, enjoy the moment

just taking time

I don’t look at the clock, I don’t ask what the time is, I’m taking things slowly

just taking time

no reason to hurry, no worries about being late, today I am relaxed

and just taking time