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Don’t Talk

Work hard and stay humble

When everyone else casts you aside

Surprise them by not being boastful

Let them talk, that is all they do

Try your hardest and let your achievement do the talking

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Down To Earth

I am prideful

I am boastful

I am arrogant….

……in short a sinner

I lavish in luxury

and bath myself with treasures

I am power hungry and will step on

anyone who stands in my way


I am all these….

a sinner among sinners

yet I still long to be among the humble

bumble bees

and to get back

down….down…down to earth


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Got Nothing

words that rhyme and words that don’t

some things you like

some things you won’t

when everything is rough and tumble

one can do nothing but remain humble

when creativity meets a road block

no need to be in

so much shock

just admit and face the facts

you’ve got nothing

and that’s that