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Fine Too

I saw him

Way over there

Making his way

Walking towards me

I was half expecting he would look up

Maybe wave at me,

Or even just smile at me
But he didn’t 

He just kept walking

And then

He stopped and gave me a hug

And that was fine too

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From The Heart

I hope you know that I care, truly
Yes, I do

I only want to be there when you need a friend
A shoulder you can lean on
I sometimes want to wrap my arms around you
Make you feel comforted

I hope you know
I truly care for you

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Tequila For Dinner

No one home
No one there
Bleak and hazy
Nothing is clear

He stumbles to the ground
He’s at his lowest
Tears are falling
No one cares

A hand reached out to him
Out of nowhere
Comforting, warm
It was home
It was Him
He was saved

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Hugs for the lonely

Hugs for those who are happy

Hugs for the brave

And those who dared

Hugs for those who crave

And those who are scared


Hugs are for everyone

And everyone deserves a hug

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Hugs And Goodbyes

There are people who come to your life

They leave a certain mark

You either breathe harder or a lot easier

Sometimes a little bit of both

You feel their presence and look for it often

You become one so you feel a missing part

When they leave or when you temporarily part

You feel their love with every hug

And when the moment of goodbye happens

You just know everything will be alright

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Best Hug

I missed you, I really did

Things have gone too fast,

I can’t keep up with the speed.


I tried ignoring it, told myself to leave it be

Yet sadness enveloped me

The distance, so near yet so far hurts most


I missed our laughs, our jokes

Loud voices ringing

Disturbing some folks

But we go on anyway and let them know this friendship is strong


I hugged you, which I never did before

How could I?

When secretly I longed to be more than your friend

But the misery has been eating me up, I just had to do it


Took a lot of courage to come up and hug you

Told you how much I missed you

Guess it showed or perhaps even overflowed

since you hugged me right back


Glad to know our friendship persists

And that in your world I after all exist

I look forward to seeing you once more, my friend

Thank you for giving me

one of the best hugs in the world