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I Didn’t Feel Like Working

It was the end of the week

It was the end of the work month

My spirit was high but I didn’t feel like working.


I was in a good mood

Listened to some good tunes

I wasn’t feeling down but I didn’t feel like working.


I hummed along to a good beat

Last song syndrome on my mind and on repeat

My menstruation was done but I just didn’t feel like working.


The hours crept by and then the end of the day

My heart sang with glee as I hopped my way out of the office


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Wasted and gone
Cannot be undone
Once lost, it can’t be returned
You get bruised and burned
You’d want it back but can never have again

Use wisely and efficiently
Make it worth every while and you’ll end up happily
It’s there but not always

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Time, Oh Time!

Hours go by, the ticking of the clock
Minutes turn to days
And the months they fly out the window

Then there those that take too long
You wish to go faster
A minute spent seems like eternity
Amd forever seems light years away

Weeks and years become synonymous
And they play a tune
Fast and slow
Round they go

But nowadays I’d like to take it slow
Easy as it goes
Time spent wisely