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The Sea Is My Home

I feel at ease and calm

The sea, it helps me becalm.

Time is slower there and all worries are washed away

Sitting on the beach soaking the salty air makes it the best day!

My toes dig deep on the sand

This place couldn’t be more grand.

I take a dip and swim all the stress away

This is quite a nice getaway.

©Maria Michaela

Carry Me Home

I’ve been dragging my feet for what seems like a thousand miles

Wandering aimlessly

Not knowing where to go

All I know is I’ve got to get home

Home, home, home

Where is my home?

Let me feel its warmth and its comfort

The familiar scent of where I belong

Oh home!

Carry Me Home

Far away for too long

Loneliness as songs

I dream of seeing that familiar place

Where I left long ago with grace

A smile will show upon this face

Once I see the one I call….


Where Is Home?

A soul roamed the world, traveled as they say

Took the routes and different ways

Traveled far and it was good

But still, the soul wasn’t in the mood

It was missing something

Even when it did everything 

It lacked warmth, familiarity, roots

It just went wherever it suits

It knew it’s way but was still lost

The soul needed a home, needed it at all cost!
But where is this home?


I have a home yet I am homeless
My heart has no home to call its own

I am free yet sometimes I long to be hold down
Not so much alone but looking for a companion
A heart that beats, still feels something is missing

I look for no one yet long for someone
A homie homeless heart

Maybe someday it’ll find its home

Waves By The Beach

I close my eyes and listen to the waves
I slowly drift in my mind to a peaceful place
I imagine exploring underwater caves
And thank God for this wonderful grace

I listen to the waves
And I know I am home

On The Way Home

I walked through the concrete trees
An aroma of deliciousness filles the air
Music of busy bustling mechanical transportation hummed

Then the rain fell and the swarm of humans scampered

I slowly made my way out of the futuristic jungle to home
Where trees are trees
The aroma of flowers filled the air
Where the music comes from the birds
And the busy bustle comes from bees

Maria Michaela

Lost Brother

You packed your bags and away you went
My heart was torn
When will you come back?
Come home to us

Late Night

One late night as I was walking home

Crossing the street, I saw a gnome

It waved and it winked

I stood frozen then I blinked

Somehow, it was gone in an instant


I continued on and saw a giant

He danced on air and was so pliant

He said a simple “Hi”

Then went and waved goodbye

I thought that scene was quite odd


So I walked on, this time seeing a dwarf

It was pulling something towards the wharf

It stopped and looked at me

Smiled, laughed and seemed full of glee

On it went then leaving me behind, wondering


Now it was getting far too late

The time was well over eight

When I heard a pixie singing out of tune

Which at first sounded like a baboon

It sang a song for me then away it went


It was just such a bizarre night

I didn’t know whether to laugh or have a fright

One things for sure though

I will never walk home alone again,

When it is late at night

Way Back Home

Hurry now child bring me back home

to where the weary and the old are

to where I rightfully belong


Hear the Indians cry and howl

hear the river sing

My home from far away is calling me to return

I hear the drum beats


I float away as the flute resounds

magnetic and majestic

Lay me to rest in my homeland

now at last in peace

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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