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Christmas Lights

The lights they gleam and sparkle

They twinkle ever so bright

Reminds me that it’s nearly Christmas

And good times and cheers are to come!

My Holiday Song

I sang a song for this joyous feast
Hoping to let everyone hear it, from west all the way to the east.
I sang of happiness and of thankfulness
And hoped for what will come will be of greatness.
And as the holidays go on,
I would gladly continue singing my song.

The lights are fading

The music is gone
The snow is dripping
And the carols are lost

Is that how fast you can move away and forget
What was shared under the mistletoe?
Now that the celebration is done
Does thatmeam we go back to
What we were not?

Where Are You This Christmas?

Alone or surrounded?
On air or grounded?
Solo and a bit lonely?
Or with family and cheery?
Smiling or complaining?
Waiting or fast sleeping?

Wherever you are and whatever the circumstance may be,
I pray that this Christmas you are able to find what makes you happy.

Twinkling like stars
Brightly they shine.
Sparkling like champagne on ice
They color the streets very nice.

Of blue, of green, of yellow
These are the colors
That greeted me home
Making me feel that Christmas is near

The Spirit Of Christmas

Jingle jangle sing-a-long
Merry bells are chimming
Almost near, almost here
Christmas is a comin’.

At midnight we feast and celebrate
With families, relatives, and friends
Withmuch to thank the Lord above.

The Snowflake Fell…

…and it danced in the air
Happily it fell.

Slowly, gracefully, a piece amongst the many
The most special one fell on my cheeks
A cold kiss to warm my heart
On this holiday night

Better During December

There’s something about the holidays
That makes people smile in different ways.

They tend to act more kindly,
They tend to be more friendly,
A bit more joyous
And a little less jealous.

The feeling is different when it’s December.
Always a great month for families to get together.

Hot cup or a mug to warm the hands, heart, and soul
Watching the foggy sunrise
With the ones closest to the heart.

I remember, I wished it was Christmas for the whole year

Oh I miss the mistletoe

Underneath the tree it was
It was there a kiss was shared
A kiss long forgotten
And reminded again upon Christmas time

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