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Into the Rabbit Hole

I had never known love until I met him
the feelings I had before were just infatuation
He changed the way I saw the world
he taught me to see beyond the appearance
I never took much notice
he was just another guy
…or so I thought
He didn’t give me butterflies
I didn’t know how, it’s just somehow
I fell into the rabbit hole
He was the first one who made me feel
the way I felt
He wasn’t my ideal man
he was the complete opposite
Yet somehow it didn’t matter
for he had taken it…taken my heart
For all this he doesn’t notice
for I am just another
another familiar face…just another girl
I told myself to let it go
just forget it
But can you blame me for coming back
he manages to pull the string
and like a fish I take the bait
I finally decided to walk out from it all
I just couldn’t take it
it was too painful
To see him with his girl
to see them both so in love
My heart breaks…I try to ignore
try to put him out of my mind
but then he starts to sing his song
his voice captivates me
And I find myself falling…….yet again
into the rabbit hole