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I Hide

I hide behind fake laughter

I hide behind half meant smiles

I hide my self esteem

Tuck it all away never knowing when it will be put to use.

I hide my scars

I hide my incompetencies

I hide everything that is wrong with me because society only wants perfection.

I hide sadness

I hide struggles

No one wants to deal with that.

I hide myself until I’m no more,

Hidden and wasting away.

©Maria Michaela

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Pahiyom (Smile)

Mga pahiyom nga dili mabantayan
Mag sige nalang ba ko anig patagad?
Kanus-a pa kaha nimo ma bansay
Nga ako halos na mamatay
Sa pag tago-tago aning gibati
Nga ipagawas nalang sa usa ka pahiyom

A small smile on my face, but you never notice
Should I keep on trying to get your attention?
When will you realize
That I am close to dying
Trying hard to hide my feelings for you
The only sign that I would ever show, is the faintest smile

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See Him

I see him at work, five days a week
Some of the times I’m glad I can spend with him…
…no matter how short

But these feelings should never grow
These feelings should never show
These feelings though for him alone
Are better of gone

I see him but he sees me not it seems
I’m not sure,
I don’t know,
He’s hard to read

But I see him
Crystal clear, not like before
But all I can do is keep this
Because for the moment, it just can’t be

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I’m not seen or heard or noticed

I’m there yet no one knows

I am hidden, in plain sight, in clear view

Yet nobody knows

I cry but no one comforts ; I laugh but no one cares

I sing but no one applauds

I drown in misery and enjoy living

Yet nobody knows

My time is spent, my hours gone

My talents wasted and my hopes crushed

I triumph over obstacles that others don’t see

Yet still my struggles are hidden from view

And still nobody knows


All gone, all lost

All better and all fine

Yet still……..still

Nobody knows