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On Deaf Ears

An echo into the void

I am just an echo.

No one sees, no one hears the haunting fears.

I scream!

But it’s all in my head

I am broken

The pieces are too small to put back together.

I’ve held on for as long as I could

But the void, it keeps growing

And this!

Whatever THIS is, it’s harrowing.

I call for help but it seems

It has fallen on deaf ears

And I am left to fend for myself as the void slowly consumes me.

©Maria Michaela

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Torn apart…
Nothing left but ashes
Ashes turn to a speck of dust…
Dust settles in the wind
Gone in an instant
Never to be remembered

Nothing lingers…
Everything, everyone is forgotten
Forgotten and lost in time
Time quickly flies, your face fades
Yet you remain unseen to the world
Unrecognized and unknown

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Up, up give up (My Plea)

I hide and I cower in fear

Been hit hard sharply by a spear

I cried and collected each tear

Hoping someone would help, see or hear

I’m tired of staying strong

I don’t think I can go on

This has been going on for so long

I feel like I’m doing everything wrong

Someone help me, please rescue me

I can’t go on or let this be

I still wish to end up happily

Help me please and don’t say maybe

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Humans We Are

Humans we are, perfect we are not

We hurt, we fight, we rage wars

Yet we also struggle, cry and help each other out


When everything seems hopeless,

When the light seems to fade

Remember that little spark of helping hand

is all that is needed


Humans we are, let’s put aside our differences

Let’s keep the faith and show

what it truly means to be human


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Your Fall

Cry until it breaks you down

Scream until your soul tires

Hold your breath until you’re blue

Do all this and let it all go


Break the chains that bind you

Free your mind from fear and inferiority

Barriers are meant to be blown up to bits

Let your imagination run free


Bruises are part of the struggle

Place a bandage and you’re good to go

They will bleed you to death

And take everything from you

My hand is here to help you up


A friend indeed is what I am

I will be here to catch your fall

So together we shall rise

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Got Your Back

all it takes is a single smile to let the darkness melt

your heart is hurt, your body bruised

but giving up is not an option


the goal is there for you to aim

to dream and to hope for

a helping hand is all it takes

and I’ve got two reserved for you


I’ll help you out through thick and thin

I’ve always got your back