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Asleep With The Sun

Mister Sun, mister Sun
You shine ever so bright
Mighty is your sunlight
Brightens every day

Birds sing happily
When you come out and greet them
The warmth of your embrace is welcoming
Makes it such a cheerful day

Glad to see you, Mister Sun
But it’s time for me to sleep
So a good night to you

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Trees Over Buildings

Under the cloudless sky, the scorching heat let’s its presence known

Mother Nature at its peak, boasting of her power

While the people all cower, hide under the magnificent Acacia tree


Looking around you’ll see only that one old tree

It stands majestically beautiful in the midst

of the steel trees they call buildings

who take pride in their tallness and glamour


They took them all and didn’t even bother to think

of the consequences

Yet there they were, seeking shelter under its branches and leaves

Cool air being provided despite the dryness


And as the sun slowly hid behind the clouds white

I can’t help but wonder if someday they too might take that old Acacia tree

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The heat intensifies as the scorching sun

Continues to beat down unforgivingly.

Sweat, saliva and blood dry up under the summer sky

Quench your thirst with mucky water

As you are squeezed into a pruny prune


Then into the shade of an old Acacia tree

Where a cool Watermelon dipped in icy coldness

Awaits to end your thirst

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Sunday Special

Nothing like waking up to a mildly cold weather

The rain has just stopped, everyone is still asleep

Stretch those slowly aging bones

Greet the day with a smile

Today I feel like being lazy

Maybe even pull some Bruno Mars song

I might watch a movie through DVD or HBO

Maybe buy some chips, anything can happen

Karaoke is also on the list,

A bit of dancing perhaps, let's do the Twist!

If the weather will get too hot

Summer in the Philippines can be tough

I'll probably fix a shake

Or go to the mall and eat Halo-Halo

Today's my day, today is special

Anything can happen....anything at all