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Seriously For Granted

He took my heart but he never took me seriously

He took my heart but he only took me for granted

Just Let Go

I told myself I’m fine
Pretended to be okay
But seeing him was torture
And I didn’t like it, no way

He was happy, I was not
But I didn’t like the bitterness
I wanted to let go
And enjoy my own sweetness

Words of a broken heart don’t mean a thing
Oh! Sadness it brings
A fool they say falls in love
Then fool was I to think he was sent from above
Rivers of tears don’t matter
When love is what one is after
Yet it settles in the mind
Love should be a happy find

So time heals and experience teaches
We can’t get all our wishes
But to learn from being broken
Is the greatest lesson that is unspoken

I’m Gone

I don’t want to look back anymore
I’m done
I’m tired
I want to be free
Free of you

Because from what I see
You’re free of me
Or perhaps, you never were into me to begin with

I cried, poured my heart out
Felt sorry for myself

But I never want to be bitter
And I never was or am
May you find happiness
The one I sought from you

So here I am
Stepping out to the sun
Hoping with all hopefulness
I move
Slowly I move away from you
Until finally
I’m gone

I Thought I Loved You

I thought I loved you but I never did

There is a thin line between emotions

I thought I cared for you but it was a lie

A game of chance, an alibi

I thought you were the one

I’ve placed a lot in your shoulders

But I was wrong, I was mistaken

For I thought I moved on

But still my heart is broken


If I had known I was a mere passerby

I should not have over-stayed

I believed we could be great friends

And we did for a while

A taste of our little infinity

Just like in the book


At least I got a chance

A very little peek

The one that broke my heart

And how I fell apart

The memory will always be there

As I slowly move on

I’ll wait for my time to come

And I will give to him

Whatever is left of me

Because I can never be whole again

I Am The Broken

I am the broken but not the bitter

I have no ill intensions

I wish you both well

Break the pieces that’s already broken

I will go back from where I came from

I will wait

Not for you

But for him…whoever he may be

I guess that’s all we are

That’s all we ever will be

You’ve made it clear so many times

So now I know

I know my place

And there I’ll be

Until you want to find me again

True love waits, that’ s what they say

It is patient and does not give up with each passing day

I know that mine is true

But I don’t know about you

How long must I wait?

Because I’m losing hope

I am not liking this state

In my room I mope

I really try to wait some more

I try to be as patient as before

But I am getting tired of this game

We’re not moving anywhere, still stage one all the same


I just wonder if we will ever be

I’m starting to doubt if you feel the same for me

But could we really ever be?

Because it seems it won’t become a reality

Like A Train

It hit me like a train

Now my inside is pouring rain

Fast and strong

Tell me what I heard was all wrong

I stood there, stunned

It felt as if I was stabbed or gunned

I bled, I wept but it could not be seen

The impact transported me far from where I’ve been.


It hit me hard, it hit me like a train

It was hard to take in all that pain

Now I slowly try to be fine

Knowing he will never be mine

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