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Poetry by Lang Leav

Like time suspended,

a wound unmended–

you and I.
We had no ending,

      no said goodbye.
      For all my life,

      I’ll wonder why.

– Lang Leav

The One’s I Broke

I told stories of how I got broken

But there seems to be one unspoken

Of those from the otherside.


Their feelings they told

Some wished that together we grow old

But I saw none of that for me.


Some had feelings that might have been true

Some just wanted to hear me say, “I love you too”

But I turned them all down.


What was it that I was searching for?

None of them had made a score

They were the wrong fit.


I feel sorry for the one’s I broke

I pray they find someone who can truly laugh at their jokes

I just knew, that would never be me.


How do broken hearts heal?
How can they be mended and sealed?
How do you solve the puzzle that has been undone?
It’s a wonder…

Maria Michaela

That First

Boom! Bang! Crash!
Oh that first heartbreak!
Crashing down like an avalanche.

Hurts like being burned
Everything topsy turvy and turned
All the songs of sadness goes
It’s like the whole world knows

Crying seems to help
Hard to even stop
The pain can be too much
Yet you know someday it’ll end

And once it’s done….it is so liberating!

Just Let Go

I told myself I’m fine
Pretended to be okay
But seeing him was torture
And I didn’t like it, no way

He was happy, I was not
But I didn’t like the bitterness
I wanted to let go
And enjoy my own sweetness

When It’s Broken

When you’ve gotten your heart broken
It feels your whole world has been taken
Taken away right before your eyes
You don’t even get to say your goodbyes
But when the dust settles
You’ll find out, everything is alright

Words of a broken heart don’t mean a thing
Oh! Sadness it brings
A fool they say falls in love
Then fool was I to think he was sent from above
Rivers of tears don’t matter
When love is what one is after
Yet it settles in the mind
Love should be a happy find

So time heals and experience teaches
We can’t get all our wishes
But to learn from being broken
Is the greatest lesson that is unspoken

Move On Completely

Trying to forget

Part of moving on

Months has passed since the decision was made
A year has passed since I fell
Time to get a move on
I want to completely move on

Strings Of Emotions

She cradled her heart in her hands
Clasped it gently
Waterfalls in her eyes

They do not see the storm inside
The invisible battle

Her thoughts linger
Chaos beneath what most assume is calm
Her emotions are bipolar
Because of one boy

She longs for his love, attention and friendship
But the expanse is vast and immense
They are closely worlds apart

She finds herself at the crossroads once more
Or maybe she never left in the first place

When It Breaks

Bitterness gets you nowhere

And you get unwanted wrinkles

When a love you had falls apart

It never is easy

When a love coveted

Is lost to uncertainty

It starts to break

But don’t be the monster

Walk away, let hurt run deep if needed

Just don’t lose yourself in hatred

Let it break for in time it will heal

And you’d be glad you didn’t break

Words from a Little Person

Poets bleed from the heart and soul


The single speaks her mind


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