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His smile

His eyes

The way he looks

The way he walks

Chuckles and talks

All the same.

His lies

His deceit

The hopelessness

The heartaches

They are all the same too.

Somethings never change

But not me, not anymore.

I Thought I Loved You

I thought I loved you but I never did

There is a thin line between emotions

I thought I cared for you but it was a lie

A game of chance, an alibi

I thought you were the one

I’ve placed a lot in your shoulders

But I was wrong, I was mistaken

For I thought I moved on

But still my heart is broken


When It Breaks

Bitterness gets you nowhere

And you get unwanted wrinkles

When a love you had falls apart

It never is easy

When a love coveted

Is lost to uncertainty

It starts to break

But don’t be the monster

Walk away, let hurt run deep if needed

Just don’t lose yourself in hatred

Let it break for in time it will heal

And you’d be glad you didn’t break

Friendship And Love

I thought being friends with the one you love is easy

It’s not.

I dreamed of marrying my best friend,

I thought it would be him

But I guess I thought wrong.

There is a thin line, somewhere between

being friends and being more than just

Also a thin line between love and hurt

Between him and I

And like a dying star, I lost all shine

That’s what  a heart ceart can do

Break It Softly

Tell me that my eyes make the stars pale in comparison

But once you grow bored, place it down gently

don’t throw it away


Return it the way it was

and leave it be


If all at once you feel I no longer am your world

That is fine as fine as can be

so long as you don’t treat it like trash


If ever you leave, I can’t promise it won’t break

But if you’ll break it

break it to me softly

Heart of Stone

Cold as ice on a winter day

I lay still, wide awake

The moon has yet to lift me high

From this forsaken place


He led me on and led me out

Fool was I thinking ’twas real

But everything was just for show


A shallow grave I’ve dug for myself

To fall for the lies

Weak was I to hold on to a hope

When there was really none


So on he goes as if nothing has happened

While I am frozen in time

contemplating the heartache

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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