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He Laughed

I heard him laugh

A true laugh

A real one

Not his sarcastic laugh

It was genuine

It was lovely

It was intoxicating

I wish I could hear that once more


Hear Him Sing

I’d like to hear him sing

That song that touched my heart


Shades and shadows

In shapes in the dark

Hidden from sight

And it echoes

It echoes through the walls

And you hear it ever so…..

It’s me

It’s my heart

Whispering to yours

Hello Up There!

I talk to you though you never say much

Near enough to see,

Far enough unable to touch

You listen to my woes and often we don’t say a word

Yet you fill this aching heart

You manage to remove the stabbed sword

I sit here, looking up

We both are quite still

A Different Rain

The rain washes away the pain

But sometimes it reminds me of it

The rain trickles down my window pane

Slowly erasing the past hurt

It reminds me of you

It reminds me of nothing 

It becomes as it is

Just the rain

Am I Alone?


Is anyone there?

Can anyone here me out there?

Does anyone know I’m here

Or that I even exist?


Drown the sound!

I cannot hear
Everyone is talking, no one is listening 

Everyone for themselves

Trying to upstage one another  
No one listens

And all I hear is noise 

Into The Light

I see now

It’s all so clear

The bells ringing closely to my ears


And so, I see

..when people say it so clear?

What I can only sense is fear

That’s not what I want, my dear
How is it that I can’t feel

What is fake from what is real?

I don’t understand, what’s the deal?
I’m not making sense, not at all

I feel so tired, so I’m just going to fall

Gugmang gibati ipahinungod sa imo
Matagad ba pud kaha kining pagbati ko?

Nadungog ba nimo akong tawag?
Kabalo ba ka nga naa ko?
Nakita ba ko nimo?

Gusto ko lang mahibaw-an
Kung ikaw naa bay pagbati kanako

I want to tell you the love that I feel
Would you ever notice what I feel?

Do you hear my call?
Do you know I exist?
Do you even see me?

I just want to know
If you have feelings for me

The Darkest Tunnel

Find yourself in the Chaos

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