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The World Stood Still

The world stood still, didn’t it?

It grew quiter


It turned slower too

Maybe it’s trying to heal itself

Hearts Beat

Some hearts are full

Some have lost almost all

Some hearts ache

Some hearts break

Some hearts want to no longer feel

Other hearts hurt but then learn to heal

Hearts can bend, break and fall

But hearts can also forgive and under the sun, stand tall


The sickness is slowly picking up

Every now and then she stops

Catches her breath

And I see she’s aching but I can’t help her

She smiles

She tries

To be strong, to appear strong

But the sickness is slowly creeping

I’m No Super

They look at me as if I’m invincible

I bruise and I hurt


I appear strong

Because I need to be

Because no one else will be

Murdered Me

You’ve murdered me and I am spent
The police would not know, they came by and went
They wouldn’t know, no one could tell
No one heard the cries, screams or yell
No evidence they can find to show you’re guilty
Because they look at me and say I’m fine and healthy
No stab wounds to show
No blood stains in the dark that glow
No bullet hole, no gun, no weapon at all
Because the way you murdered me, was to make me fall

I am now without a heart
And I can only hope you wouldn’t tear it apart
Because whether you admit or not
You are guilty for making me like you a lot

Shelter it from the stormy sea of love
Let it rest on the beach of hopefulness
That it may look forward to the sunrise of a new day
May it heal from the turbulent tornado of lies and deceits
So it may be whole once more

Maria Michaela

Holding Hearts

Who holds your heart?

Is it the basket that holds the pieces?
The sea that has the ashes?
The mountains where you cried?
The rain that hid your tears?
Or is it with the moon that pieced it back again?

Maria Michaela

Love me on a Sunday
Leave me on a Monday
Break my heart before night falls

Hold me on a Tuesday
Let me cry my eyes out

Promise me the world
On a lovely Wednesday night
Tell me this will never end

Let’s make it through a Thursday
Without any heartbreaks
Spend a quite day under the sun

By Friday I will realize this could not last
So I will let you go
And by Saturday, while I may be alone
I will be a lot better without you

And He Is The Winner

I told him a secret
He listened in
Told him only important bits
And he was able to decode it all
He made me laugh
Made me see what a fool I am for falling for the wrong guy

My heart is doing better
I feel lighter
He is a keeper
Yes he is
No we don’t have that kind of relationship
But he is true
A true friend indeed

It warms my heart knowing there is a guy who loves me true

Patching Up Myself

I’m still not whole
I’m still in pieces
But I’m moving and slowly healing myself
Or trying to
In the process of letting go
I’d like to cry for one last time
Not because I still want to hold on
But because I want to finally get over you

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

unbolt me

the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD

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