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I’m Dying Inside

I wish they could see my tears,

I wish they could come face to face with my fears.

I wish they knew how it truly hurts,

So mean words they wouldn’t blurt.

I wish they’d know I’m dying inside,

And see past the smile shown outside.

I wish they’d know how much I hate myself….

….so they will stop

I wish they’d just stop!

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War (For Myself)

At war with myself

Trying to make peace with my mind

The heart is being pulled in a tug of war

I try to love myself

But outsiders inculcate hate

And I am in the crossfire

At war with who to listen to

As each part of me is being broken to pieces

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To be fat is to be shameful

To be fat means to feel awful

This is what I learned as a child.


My family loved me, and I know they tried

Tried to protect me, but they do not know how much I cried

Because whenever I have an ounce of confidence

Society retaliates with a pound of uncertainty.


My curves became my curse and I hated myself

I felt like an unwanted book tucked away on the shelf

I hated my curves.


There are nights I’d pick myself up

Saying that I am enough and I am loved

But most nights…..most nights are awful


I lie to myself sometimes

That if I love my curves enough

Society will accept them and I will no longer need to hide

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Love Him

I couldn’t love him for all the love he could give

I could not give him what he wanted

Or longed for
It’s hard to explain

I couldn’t love him for any and all reason

I do not hate him

I simply couldn’t 

And just refused to

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Makes Me Rhyme

I hate that I love you

I hate that I care

I hate that I’m hurting

I hate it, I swear
I hate the way you make me smile

I hate that I’m still waiting

I hate being so close to you

I hate that I am aching 
I hate hearing your name

It should be good as committing crime

I hate hating you because…

Hating you makes me rhyme 

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Your Affection

Now I’ve learned to stand on my own

Now I’ve found my strength

Now I no longer mourn for the death of my heart

I have accepted reality and all the facts

And I am moving on

Now I no longer linger in your shadows

Slowly I’ve let go

You do not have to worry or pity me

For I no longer long for your affection

The same way as I did before

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How can this wide-eyed little child

Be smitten by the likes of you?

You are nothing short of ridiculous

Yet I can’t help myself falling into the well

Over and over again


I will always be your friend

For I know that is all I will ever be

I’d accept it

With open arms

But the hurt lingers still

And always unexpected


Little boy blue, what have you done now?

You’ve only made me fall deeply

Yet again

However, the ending is never happy

As I’ve seen it all


Love cannot exist I’m afraid

at least a love more than friendship

Still I wait

Wait for the echo to come back

although I know it never will

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Spare Me the Details

I don’t want to hear it; I don’t want to know

Get out of my face and just go

I may not restrain myself; I may just blow

You’re pathetic, what you did was just for show

You’ve hurt me bad; The wound is so deep

I’m having nightmares, I can hardly sleep

I hate you so much; You’re such a creep!

I fell fast, I fell hard; My fall was so steep

Just go away, I don’t want to see you

I’m so bruised; You left me black and blue

I trusted you, you lied; I didn’t have a clue

All I ever asked was that you stay true

I don’t want to look at you; You’re so horrible

You’ve made a complete mess out of me; I look terrible

Someday you’ll regret this; You’ll be miserable

I will one day forget all this, and feel incredible

For now I’ll pour my anger out

I’ll scream and cry and shout

I really don’t like you right now, without a doubt

Keep away from me; I don’t like a tout

I curse that you promised me forever

Pray this is the last we see of each other

May we never ever again be together

Take you back? Forget it, never!