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Like Ice

Walking down the street on a cold night with you

My hands were cold and I thought yours must be too.

So I took your hand and held it tightly

But I realised almost immediately.

It was not your hands that were cold

It was your heart that was like ice, which I knew I could never hold.

©Maria Michaela

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I remember…..

He was a tall man with a big built

He reminded me of a well built building

I was too young to know, what struggles he went through

In my father’s eyes he was the strict parent,

In mine he was a gentle giant.

I can’t remember if I hugged him enough

Or told him I loved him

But I have fond memories of him, no matter how few.

He didn’t speak much but he gave me boundless unspoken love.

He had big hands


They were hard working hands

They were also the one’s that disciplined my dad

But those same hands guarded me and I remember they were rough but gentle.

Those hands, they guided me more than I ever would have thought.

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The Moon In Your Hands

if you hold the moon in your hands,

the stars will follow soon.

for if the moon on the sky disappears,

it takes everything else along with it.

and if by chance the sun would ask

what you have done with it,

make sure to answer straight and true

or risk yourself of burning.


if you hold the moon in your hands,

be careful not to drop it.

for precious gems are hard to find

you certainly won’t find anything else like it.


I used to hold the moon in my hands

but then I came to realize

something so beautiful should be shared

so I placed it back to the sky.