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Memories Memory Lane

Photographs in an album
Memories that never fade
We’ve been through a lot
Some dues we’ve paid

It wasn’t all good
It wasn’t all bad either
We had highs, we had lows
Though it wasn’t all perfect neither

But it was great
We lived life
And now we grow
And learned from the strife

It was a great adventure

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Lifetime Companion

I would like to grow old with you
To talk to you
To share with you anything and everything

I’d like you to be my closest friend
My secret keeper
My shield
The shoulder I can lean on

I’d like you to be the one who makes me cry
And the one who comforts me

I’d love for you to be my companion for a lifetime

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Extra Life

I’ll never wish to live a thousand lives

I’ll never want immortality

I’d like to see myself grow old with grace

See the years pass on this face

I’ll never wish to be young forever

I’ll never want to live forever

I’d like to see the wrinkles of maturity

And die with great serenity

Age may just be a number

Yet I know my days are numbered

Still I will never ask for an extra life

Because this one is all I’ll ever want