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His Eyes Makes Me Melt

His eyes were pools of blue, grey, and sometimes green

They burst with light so fine as if the angels painted them

He smiled candidly and genuinely

And each time those eyes twinkle, sparkle

I melt like a butter under a hot summer day

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Color Me


I wanted to see them

Life was getting dull and I was getting tired…all the time

I’d wish I was away to somewhere tranquil

Rather than stuck in this cubicle

If I saw colors, it would light me up

It would let me see the real beauty

To be more positive and be happier


I need them now, more than ever

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Oh When Skies Are Gray!

Unexpectedly it happened

And I seized the moment

He held my hand in more ways than one

He always made me feel special


Where one broke me, but made me strong

He always took care of me

Though I do wish to be strong, I too want to be treated like a fragile china


Thankful I am to both men

They don’t know how much they’ve changed me

But when the skies grow dark

I know who makes me happiest the most

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The Day The Sun Wept

weeping sun from whence you came ; you came forth, came down and left this world maim

held to your bosom, the Earth crackled and creaked but you kept silent and did not speak

sunlight warm now colder than ice ; I called out to you not once or twice but thrice

you shrugged and turned away, melting through feeling the betray

the secrets you kept shattered glasses bleed ; that’s what you get in return for their greed

seek comfort from the rain, shelter from the grey clouds then look back and see me wrapped in shrouds

you left us with a dying breath hot air on winter’s last days of death

come back and shine bright once more, shake it lose and bury ‘neath the core

your return I will await ’til you come out from this state

the sky will be for now darkened once you’re back there, we will all awaken

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Grey Eyes

eyes of grey tear me apart

the longingness, the emptiness, the mischievous smile

behind those eyes of yours

crippling my very soul to the brink of extinction


what do those eyes of yours say?

I couldn’t quite figure out.

i’m falling into the void, at a loss….

…for words are nothing compared to those eyes


it sees eternity, an endless serenity

my chaotic mind twitches at the sight of it

oh! how deep and dark are those grey eyes

that hold me, that confuses me


yet still I can’t help but be drawn to its magic

it’s power over me is strong

and I still can’t unerstand what they might

or would ever mean as they stare back into

these brown eyes of mine


what do they see?

I can’t help but wonder……