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Just A Tree

Skyscrapers are all that’s left of this world

But I console myself with books and stories from the old.

They tell of how green and tall the trees use to be

Some grew in meters high that the top you could hardly see.

Now, buildings tower over everything

The trees are all gone, reduced to nothing.

Oh! What I would give to see a tree!

©Maria Michaela

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His Eyes Makes Me Melt

His eyes were pools of blue, grey, and sometimes green

They burst with light so fine as if the angels painted them

He smiled candidly and genuinely

And each time those eyes twinkle, sparkle

I melt like a butter under a hot summer day

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Feet Over

The grass is blue

The sky is green

The day becomes night 

And night becomes day

It’s how I feel

It’s what I felt

When you loved me

My feet was over my head

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I Think You’re Jealous

I used to think it was just me
Trying too hard to get your attention
But then lately it seems that you’re growing anxious
Whenever I am close to other guys, it seems….
To me it seems you become restless

And then out of the blue it becomes clear
As clear and bright as day
You act the way you do because
You’re starting to feel jealous

I take that as a sign that in some way, you like me

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Play of colors red and green
Brown and black and in between
Yellow and pastel blue
Pink and purple
Looks good on you
A symphony of orange and beige
This seems to be all the rage
Come along and bask under the rainbow
Let it color your world

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Cut Me Down

I stand tall before all

the bark peeling off revealing a new one

the leaves, softly they fall

I am bald

yet I grow them all back

better than ever before


I dance along with the breeze

and I house birds

keep them sheltered as they share their

songs with me


my roots are deep within the soil

I grow as I please

free from any restriction

healthy as can be

as I give out fresh, pure, clean air

alive for more than a hundred years


then one day a dark cloud came  along

and steel buildings started to rise

were my relatives of old used to be

factories as they are called

puff out poisonous smoke

I grew weak and weary and tired

……and dying


man has axe on hand

ready to strike me

“what wrong have I done to you?”, I asked

as man started to cut me down

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Red like the tulip or the inside of a watermelon

Blue as the sky and the deepest ocean

Orange as the sunset over the horizon

Green as the leaves or the grass in the garden

White like the clouds that differs in shape

Yellow like bananas or a lemon in your tea

Purple like the grapes that hung on their vines


The world is a rainbow full of colors,

full of life

Such a wonderful sight to behold

A sight that we need to preserve

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A Book From Dr. Seuss

I read a book which I thought was funny

It’s a good book to read when the day is sunny

It is about a cat with a very silly hat

Who’s quite curious and loves to chat


He’s quite cheerful and also mischievous

He can be very annoying funny and oh so frivolous!

He can teach you that reading is fun

You’ll enjoy the ABC’s once he’s done 


Th cat also has a friend named Sam

His full name is Sam I am

He’s a persistent lad, I should let you know

He doesn’t easily take the answer “NO”


He’ll let you try green eggs and ham

He might even let you try it with jam

Perhaps a bit of delicious spam

On top of a tree or across a beaver dam


I had a good laugh reading the book

Until my little nephew, away with it he took

I’m sure he’ll love to read such a funny and wonderful book