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My Restless Soul

I wander in this world

I have not been as faithful as I should have been

I live my life not minding where my soul will go

When time is up for me


I go on and I pretend

To be the faithful one

Yet I know that deep within

I am a sinful being and have neglected my religious duty


Yet God, the kind father that he is, still showers me His blessings

He still listens to me, hear my prayers

Despite me not taking much time to spend with Him

He sends His message through

He calls out to me and makes me feel loved

The kind of love no one else can give


My soul wanders through this world

And He waits for me to come back

To come home to Him at last

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A Sinner’s Plea

Is God still showing me love
As He looks down from above?
He silently  sheds a tear
as He longs to be near.
To be His child is my true  calling,
So why am I continually falling?
The Sinner’s eternally  cry,
For their broken wings just cannot fly.
Now I long to  change…that’s what I say,
But why is it that I won’t pray?
What is it  going to take
To finally make me break?
Where is that longing  fire
That showed my true hearts desire?
What will be the final cost
If  I forever am lost?
I still am crying out to be free,
But is this my hearts  true plea?
I have it all right in front of me,
Still my covered eyes  cannot see.

-Allissa Thornburg
Source: A Sinner’s Plea, God Poem

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Conversation With God

Every night before I sleep
I look up to the Heavens and try not to  weep.
For my heart is full
with the Lords will,
My strength, my health & pockets full.
He has blessed me every day
Since birth till  today.
Thank you Lord
cause now I can afford,
to testify and praise  you
Precious, love and True-
Thank you.


– Sharon Sewpaul

Source: Conversation With God, God Poem

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When The Earth Shook

The Earth shook me

Almost threw me aside

My life did not flash before my eyes

But it was then that I realized I may not make it.

However, the Lord did plan it that way

He made me realize my existence

and that I need to keep my faith

I am not afraid for I know You are with me

You had to shake the Earth for me to take notice

But I hear you

Loud and clear



***Please pray for the people in Bohol, Philippines, they badly need it. We here in Cebu are under a state of calamity but those in Bohol have been affected the most.  Thanks in advance for all your prayers.

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A Son’s Pain

Until the end of the day, I sit and pray
Looking towards the heaven, looking  toward that day.
The day when life will unfold it’s plan
To a needy young  man trying to make it through this land.
Had dreams of wealth, happiness  galore
But only received nightmares, Lord I can’t take any more.
Please  lead me to that path that You have set for me
My patience is running short.  Where do you want me to be?
I know I am one of your angels, one without the  wings
I try to be kind and peaceful, bring to people wonderful things.
But  I feel more hurt that happiness, tears continue to flow
I see so much more  with my life, but things are happening slow.
So I ask you, Father, please  show me your full grace
Because I am tired of hiding my smile underneath the  pain on this face


-James Toles


Source: A Son’s Pain, God Poem

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You Take Me There

As I search for your Saving grace,
I know one day I’ll see your face.
Waiting is the hardest thing for me,
I know with you I will be so  free.
You take me up and lay me back down,
I know with you I am and will  be found.
I seek you each day and seek your name,
I am nothing without you or your Fame.
Waking with you, you give me power,
To make it another day and another hour.
Learning your word is oh so smart,
I love you Lord with  all my heart.
You gave up for me all your life,
We could not stop all the  strife.
Everyday I will always say,
I long to return to you one  day.
Love me Lord and keep me strong,
Without you I can never get  alone.
So hear my prayers as bring me peace,
My sins Oh Lord will slowly  cease.
My heart is heavy and I am weak,
Your love is strong as you speak.
Keep me safe at comforts arms,
Give me grace without any  harm.
Give me eternity and take me home,
That day I will never be alone.

– Ralph Quinonez

Source: You Take Me There, God Poem

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I Bow

I bow to the moon, the sun and the stars

To the sky, the clouds and the heavens


I bow to the rivers, the sea and the mighty ocean

To the rain and the lightning and the thunderstorms


To the creatures that fly, to the ones that crawl

to the ones we misunderstand and the ones yet unknown


All of these majestic things created by God

I bow to them all

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But A Blur

A speck, like a dust

Out of focus

These are a few of the things that I am


Hidden, hiding,

Shinning like the stars

This is what I am at times


Noticeable, unimportant

….the greatest gift


To my God I am not nothing

I am not just a speck

I am not a blur or unimportant

For I am everything to Him

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at the break of dawn I whisked away

into that midnight sky

to meet and greet such a glorious day

and leave the lonely one behind


I took comfort on the clouds

and lay there waiting for the sun

while the people of Earth lay sleeping

dreaming of countless things


I waited for it to rise

for I wanted to be the first to say,

“The Lord has risen! Let us rejoice!”