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Gloomy Summer

Dry spell happened even before summer truly began

It’s been hot and humid, to the heat I’m not a fan.

And now on recent days it’s been rainy and gloomy

It’s like a weird summer abnormality.

But to the cooler weather, I am not complaining

I wouldn’t complain even if it were raining.

I welcome this cooler summer while it lasts

As it won’t stay like this for long, according to the forecasts.

©Maria Michaela

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Give Joy

Dark and gloomy

The world is, already

Share a laugh, a smile

It can go as far as a mile

To someone who is broken

Days or weeks, haven’t spoken

A simple gesture of sharing joy

Is sometimes all it takes

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Dark clouds cover me
I want to hide
Away from all the misery
Away from things I’ve cried

Something in me is missing
Something I can’t deny
Deep inside I’m grieving
Feels like I’m about to die

I wonder what’s going on with me
I wonder why I’ve somehow stopped being happy
I want to crawl and hide
Maybe then, myself I can find