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Not All Girls

Not all girls have curvy body

Not all girls are tall

Not all girls are sexy slim

Most girls don’t have it all.


Not all girls are unruly but also

Not all girls are prim and proper

Not all girls like frilly things

Not all girls are makeup lovers.


Not all girls receive equal opportunity

Not all girls have their voices heard

But some girls are rising up now

And will not be deterred.

©Maria Michaela

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Oh! It’s not meant to be!

He’s much of a player with a lot on his hands
He’s got a lot of girls on the list and none on his mind
He’s not thinking of slowing down
Nor has he find any reason to
I should walk away now, he’s about to pay his dues.

Although he may seem all innocent and charming
His womanizing ways are so, so alarming.
And so, all the best that I look elsewhere
For now, he has no plans of stopping