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The Flowers

“Did you like the flowers? “, he asked shyly

I didn’t know how to answer

Flowers were never my thing really

Maybe some tulips would have been better than roses

Chocolates I love but would prefer books anyday

How can I break it to him gently

And say, “these flowers aren’t my thing, but then again, maybe it’s you that I’m not into”

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Hal Was Lucky

She’s pretty

Because she’s skinny

She’s pretty, but

That’s what they say when she’s fat

People judge you

Social media dictates it

And we all fall into the trap


He’s handsome

Because he’s well-built

He’s handsome, but

That belly is too much for my taste


But a person is beautiful not because they are physically

They are beautiful because of how they treat people

If only we could see inner beauty first

Then all the drama of being a size zero would go away

Shallow Hal was given a gift

He was lucky enough to learn from it


You are beautiful

In every shape or size

Don’t let others tell you otherwise

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I watch them pass me by. They walk without noticing

They go on with their daily, normal lives

I…….I have seen it all

been through it all, and all over again

Life, I’ve been there and done it all

I chose this

“A gift!”, they said. But I know better

I’ve lived every day, every time, every year, every decade

Wishing, wanting all of it to end

I’ve had enough!

I’ll walk this Earth damned, cursed……forever

for all time, for all eternity

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Gift of Being a Child

such a thing about being a child

is that you’re full of innocence

no one will ever measure or frown

at your incompetence

the world to you is grand

full of majestic treasures

everyday is just a way

for you to start an adventure

you get to play and bask under the sun all day

such a glorious thing

the happiness of learning to ride a bike

what immeasurable joy it brings

oh a child, to be a child

not everyone knows it’s a gift

the grown up world they all long for

where they mourn and slowly drift

such a thing about being a child

such a thing indeed