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I’m taking a rocketship and flying past the moon

I’m going far, farther away

Outside the Milky Way

Onwards to Andromeda

Past the vast expanse of the galaxy

I’m going, going, going

Floating away into outerspace.

©Maria Michaela

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At night

I talk to the stars

I talk to the moon

I stretch out my hands

And imagine driving the milky way with some sports car
I talk to the galaxy as I lay my head down

And I dream of the cosmos and the nebula

Where I fly

Where I soar

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Live In Space

Have you been to the moon to look at the Earth rise and set?
Have you taken a trip with the shooting stars yet?
You’d have loads of fun and enjoy it I bet.

Have you visited the sun just to keep warm?
He’s not so bad and would do you no harm
He can simply melt you with his charm.

Oh! The space out there is just amazing!
Out there, I think I can make a good living

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Under The Stars

I lay down and I feel the earth
I move with it
I look up and I see gems
Beauty that never cease to amaze me

I am relaxed
Removing the stress of the days work
Sleep then comes
Time to rest

I sleep while my guardians watch over me
I dream of the galaxy
The milky way that’s far away
And my soul is contented

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Galactic Boy

I close my eyes and I see stars
I remember his hair was as red as Mars
It would seem that fate had a plan
For his heart and mine to become one
A million light years we were, still our paths crossed
Sadly he had Pluto’s heart, yes it was filled with frost
Unlike fairytales where stories ended happily
For us, it wasn’t meant to be
He was a comet who was just passing by
And I, a star who was about to die

Now a memory all he is to me
The boy with flaming hair who still travels the galaxy

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The Girl on Earth

I am aware, as I stare into space

That she’s looking up with that gentle face

Wishing some sort of impossible wish

As I lay here bathing in anguish

I know she wishes me to return home

It’s been far too long since I’ve roamed

I explored the stars, navigated the galaxies

It wasn’t all with no difficulties

Stars shot at me and I missed her more

These hands and feet wandered and now are sore

I’d like to see the beach and the trees

The flowers, butterflies and the bees

I do miss her gentleness, her sweet caress

Her smile, her eyes together with that lovely dress

I miss her so, I’ve been alone too long

Time to go back where I belong

Wait for me like you’ve been waiting all these years

Girl on Earth, I shall wipe away those tears

I made this poem in response to a previous poem I created titled, The Man on the Moon, back in June 2012. I know, why did it take so long? I ask myself the same question. Here’s the link:

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I Dream of the Galaxy

as the Sandman showered me with his dream sand,

i closed my eyes and faded off to dreamland.

at first everything was pitch black,

i stared into nothingness, nothing but the dark.

and then i heard a boom and a crack,

and i saw beautiful, wonderful sparks.

firecrackers rained everywhere,

then rainbows shown here and there.

all the colors filled the darkness,

that seems to fill a certain calmness.

then i saw it form before my eyes,

the beauty that i used to see from the skies.

a comet zoomed past my head,

a meteor just right above my bed.

the stars twinkling brightly within arms reach,

there were countless of them, i couldn’t count each.

i saw swirls of vast galaxies,

it was an honor to be bestowed of their majesty.

planets small and big,

they danced, wiggled and jigged.

i sat there, or maybe i was floating,

still and in silence; row, row boating.

when i opened my eyes, i was looking at the ceiling,

but can’t help but smile at the wonderful feeling.

i would have loved to be able to see more,

perhaps next time, i will explore

of the majesty of the galaxy.

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one floor down, one step higher

close to being one and far away from fears

a galaxy so wide; lost in translation

the cosmic plays a major role

unnoticed, unsure, unclear; the frustration builds up

throat is sore; mouth is mum

tumbling down into the abyss

a black hole or the bottomless pit

eyes wide shut; deafening sound of uncertainty

up and about, one thing from the other

pictures of a perfect day covered by a dark cloud

time goes on reverse; backwards it goes

should have given it a second thought

but then again….

the leaves have turned from brown to green

darkened by the thunder-clouds

tulips sprung from the lily pads

to the left or to the right

running around in circles

the rain pours from the sunny sky

what day is it today?


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The Man on the Moon

Everytime I look up, I can’t help but wonder

If he’s also looking up, thoughts gathering in ponder

Everytime I hear the rumbling thunder

I can hear his singing so gentle and tender

He sits there and I can’t help but think

Does he ever get lonely as the sun sinks?

When he looks at the stars, does he bat his eyes slowly and blink?

Making them shy and turn a bright-colored pink?


When will you come back? It’s been a while

You’ve put yourself in a prison, in exile

Even when you’re far away, so many miles

You still continue to charm me and beguile

Won’t you come home soon?

I’ll dance while you croon

Let the light reflect from the lagoon

Come back home to Earth, man on the moon