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Cute, stylish, colorful


They make me bashful

For they’re made for women of slimmer figure

And they always me make insecure.


I’ve never worn one without shirt and shorts


They make me wish I did sports

To get that confidence in looking great

But instead, my body I tend to hate.


A piece of clothing

Cause of my loathing

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I was blank

I was blank and he filled the emptiness
I was clueless them he shed some light
I was silent, at the distance, but he took notice

For some reason
And then I realized
It would have been better if he left me blank
Then I would not have filled my thoughts of him
Now, it’s hard to let go

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A Slice Of The Moon

My brother said it’s made out of cheese
That it’s cheesy as cheese can be
I’d like to try a bit of that
If only mom and dad would let me

They told me “no”, they said I can’t
Because I’m much too young
They said space is not for kids
So that’s that and I just hold my tongue

My brother said when the moon is full, it’s much like a pizza
He said he’d give a slice to me
So we can eat it with fajita

I’d like that, oh yes I would!
So ’til then I wait
For the moon to be full
So I can have a bit of taste

Maria Michaela

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Jar of Hope

And so I look on, wondering and in a daze

Dazzled by your presence which I think is so enchanting


Forgive me if I may not be paying attention

My mind is still trying to grasp the reality of you

I hold on to myself, making sure I still am grounded

For I know once I float away

I will be falling


I took notice and am hoping you will too

The sound of your name as I call it

Is music to my ears


I always seem to have a jar full of hope

In the end it gets broken

Still, here I am in a daze and dazzled by you

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Mouthful (Noche Buena, Christmas in the Philippines)

mouth full of crackers and that’s just the start

I eyed the salad like a malicious kid

determined to go at it next

food was abundant on the table

but it won’t be soon, once Christmas dinner kicks off

we ate a little, we ate a lot

waiting for the clock to strike midnight

the family gathered, excitement in the air

we said grace and took on the feast

roast chicken, fruit salad, rice, fruit salad

brownies, sweet and sour pork, fruit salad

sodas, turkey, fruit salad….

after the mayhem, bellies full

we enjoyed a bit of family movie

and one by one we dozed off

still plenty of food left….waiting for us

for Christmas mornin’