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I can feel it, sense that you’ve gone sour

And I believe we’re counting down our last hour

From The Heart

I hope you know that I care, truly
Yes, I do

I only want to be there when you need a friend
A shoulder you can lean on
I sometimes want to wrap my arms around you
Make you feel comforted

I hope you know
I truly care for you

I don’t sense it
I don’t feel it
Or see it

Perhaps the spark they see is the unseen connection that two people have
One that does not have to be a romantic tie
But one close to friendship and familiarity

I believe that is what we have


You care,
You understand me truly

You know me well,
With you in my life, I am happy

Friends remain when they are true
And I know that true means you

Thank you for the years
Truly, thank you

Our Friendship

Friend oh friend you are indeed
The one that’s true until the end
Our friendship started like a mere seed
And now…it has since grown

He Will Never Know

He doesn’t know
I love him so
He’ll never see
What he means to me
For I am just another friend
Who’ll be there for him until the end


He asked if I’m alright
And I say I am
He looks at me funny
Cause he knows I am not
Deep inside I think he knows
But for the love of friendship he keeps it to himself


You came into my life when I needed to lean on someone
Helped me in ways I never thought of
Truly I am grateful to have you

I am in love with the thought of you and I as friends
We need not be romantic
And I need not any other reason

Those Eyes

He looked at me
And I looked into his eyes too
Those eyes see me
Those eyes know me
Those eyes are what I look for
He does not know how important our friendship is to me

Not That Special

I am just another girl
Another face
Another friend

I thought I could be the special one
The best
I guess I’m not that special after all

Don Charisma

because anything is possible with Charisma

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the literary asylum

Rishita Sanya

What has to happen will happen...

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