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We Weren’t 

I loved him

I did

But we weren’t meant to be more than what we were

We had to part ways

And intersections we come across 

A smile, familiarity

Friendliness and happiness

I was sad when we couldn’t be

But now, I could never be happier

He’s Into Him

I wished on a falling star
To keep my distance and his not too far
I wished he’d notice me
Despite the many fish in the sea
I wished he’d know
What I feel is true
But all of this is just a wish
Because I am just a friend of his
And if he were to do something at a whim
He wouldn’t choose me over him

Last Day

I scoop the sunset
Keep it in my back pocket
I collect the smiles
And hide them away
The memories are locked away
Ready for the rainy day
One last look
One last glance
One last time
Before our temporary goodbye
Bitter-sweet is this day
I spend my last day at work with all of you

He Will Never Know

He doesn’t know
I love him so
He’ll never see
What he means to me
For I am just another friend
Who’ll be there for him until the end


He asked if I’m alright
And I say I am
He looks at me funny
Cause he knows I am not
Deep inside I think he knows
But for the love of friendship he keeps it to himself

See You

A chapter is filled and so we must start a new one
It is never easy to part with friends
But I know we will forever be bounded by the mutual love we have for each other

Those Eyes

He looked at me
And I looked into his eyes too
Those eyes see me
Those eyes know me
Those eyes are what I look for
He does not know how important our friendship is to me

Rid Of Me

To have a friend for a lifetime
A friend through and through
A real jewel
A real treasure
Priceless you are
Bonds strong and getting stronger
Thanks for keeping me
And even if you won’t
You can’t get rid of me that easily


What are we?

I used to ask

But then I realized I’ve always known

I am and will always be your friend

I thought it was only I

Who felt the bond, the closeness

Now, I know it’s more than mutual


To be labeled as your special friend

Is something I will always treasure

Though I hoped we could be more

Still this gives me closure

I will be the friend who you can always count on

Know I’ll always be

Here for you, always

When There Was No Chance

No sorry was ever uttered

For both of us did not know what to say

You were never the vocal one after all

But your actions spoke stronger

And you showed so much effort

I gave up, I really did

But you made sure I’d give you the chance that was never there


You showed our friendship mattered

You made your presence felt

I gave you the cold shoulder

I was tired and thought you wanted me out of your life

But you pulled me back

Told me without words that I mattered


So finally I gave you back my smile

I spoke the words first

I saw you light up

And that’s when I knew…..

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